How to check Moz DA and PA in bulk for free?

Moz has the domain authority and page authority metrics to calculate the domain’s quality. If you are an SEO person, you  must be knowing these statistics very very well. Most SEO specialists hunt expired domains and then they either redirect the domains to their or their clients’ money websites or they use it to build PBNs. Now without knowing the domain authority, page authority and other metrics, you must not be using a domain.

Here comes the free tools that let you check Moz domain authority and page authority online for free.

1. DomChimp Bulk DA & PA Checker

I recently stumbled upon this web tool and it allows you to check domain authority, page authority and spam score of up to 5000 domains at a time. You can check DomChimp Bulk DA, PA & Spam Checker here.

Features of this tool include real bulk checking of DA and PA, spam score check, ultra fast processing and a searchable table. Moreover, this tool features a CSV export of the data too.

2. Robin’s Bulk DA Checker

You can search Robin’s bulk da checker in google to find this bulk DA and PA checker. This is yet another working tool that allows you to check DA and PA of domains in bulk. Although the limit of the domains is just 10 at Robin’s tool, but it is much better than several other tools available out there.

This was my recommendation. You should be first checking DomChimp’s bulk DA & PA Checker and it will work flawlessly for you. You can let me know your thoughts below in the comments section.


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